K2TOY's OHONNEKO: DHARMA Edition Celebrating 1-Years Old!

From K2TOY and artist Katherine Kang comes this 5-inch tall vinyl figure that has always "interested" me, with this particular colorway of OHONNEKO meant to celebrate the 1-year-old birthday of Ohonneko! Currently available to ore-order on myplasticheart (Priced at US$57.99). Pre-orders for OHONNEKO: DHARMA end January 16th, and ships March 2018.

This particular colorway premiered at Designer Con last year, and is now available for online orders, so you might want to check in with your fav retailer(s) as well for availability.

Sculpted by Blackseed's designer Kenneth Tang, Ohonneko comes complete with Samurai hat and sword as well as rope collar with golden charm. "Ohonneko is both tough and cute." Dude, I think secretly our cats are "silent warriors" (in their own minds), and the grace of samurai warriors is very aptly reflected here in this toy, PLUS the cuteness that comes with a kitten LOL

TOY-STORY: "In the past, princess is scared every kinds of mice. They decide to select the best cats and provide training as Ohonneko like the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office in UK. Ohonneko are like as samurai and pet with princess."