Konstantin Budkevich AKA Kosrobot for *BYEBYE 2017, HELLO 2018* on TOYSREVIL

TOYSREVIL'S BYEBYE/HELLO Series of micro-interviews return in 2018 - remembering the previous year past, and of welcoming the new year, and sharing what to look out from from the artist!

Today we have Moscow-based toy-maker Konstantin Budkevich AKA KOSROBOT in the hot-seat, for your reading pleasures! Featured up top is a quick glance at the since SOLD OUT Ghost/Zombie Edition COSMOS COLD, launched last week!

Konstantin has been pretty consistent and productive with his production and his toynews, with adequate information and images! On a blog viewpoint he puts in as much effort in presentation and promoting his works, as much as he puts into his craft, and that makes him stand out amongst the crowd, IMHO. Always a pleasure to showcase Kosrobot's art on the TOYSREVIL blog!

TOYSREVIL: How was 2017 for you? Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2017. What did you find the most disappointed of 2017?
KOSROBOT: "I never post about my personal life really, but... The biggest happening of 2017 for me is that I became a father. I have a little daughter and that is making me happy at so many levels! 

Now, the most triumphant moment of 2017 for Kosrobot is the release of 3 inch Cosmos Cold: Dreary One figures. I was never truly satisfied with my 6 inch figure and I wanted rework it. This new figure is much better in many ways, and I'm very happy that people love it so much, this is my most successful figure to date.

The most disappointing thing of 2017 is that I had many production issues. Some figures weren't released because of that. And that's just me... I experiment, then it goes wrong and *puff*... At least I've learned many things."

TOYSREVIL: What is your most favourite toy, or piece of art you've seen in 2017?
KOSROBOT: "2017 was full of great releases, but I don't buy many toys really, because I know me, I will buy a toy, play with it for few days and put it for sale. When I have too many toys, I lose connection to most of them. My favourite figures released in 2017, and that I personally own, are the Black Series 40th Anniversary Darth Vader and Marvel Legends: Black Panther series Invincible Iron Man. And that's kinda crazy. There are so many amazing Japanese toys, like SHFs or MAFEX, but still my favourites are from Hasbro. Guess I just love when toys look like toys, hah."
KOSROBOT: "For designer toys, my absolute favourite is "HEY-MAN!" by @guerrero_masilla. Honestly, this is not a toy that I would buy, that's not my thing, I don't like TMNT aesthetic, but the level of attention to every detail is insane. The figure itself, the packaging, the story! That's not your regular bootleg, this is a work of art done with pure passion and love. Great stuff, best one I've seen in 2017."

TOYSREVIL: What are you most looking forward to in 2018? Any plans for your work, for the new year you can share with us?
KOSROBOT: "I have many plans for 2018! So many, I'm not even sure I can handle it all. First of all, I have to finish what I already started. I must finish with Luxury Money Cartel series, I must finish with my Papa Emeritus figures, with Cosmos Cold: Blaming Ones and some other things. Anyway, this year two new Luxury Money Cartel figures would see the light of day: one is called "Supreme Spy", the other is based on topless Kylo Ren, lol. And I think I will not do 6 inch figures again after I finish these. Maybe once in a while, but I'm changing my format this year. 

Many Cosmos Cold stuff this year. New 3 inch figures are on the way, like the Blaming One and the Horrid One, more variants of the Dreary One are also coming very soon. There's also a new project with a working title "Cosmos Cold: Absolution" - this is a small line of 4 inch figures, new characters, and these will be the best Kosrobot figures to date. I set myself the goal to make these figures as good as I can. Here's a little sketch:"
KOSROBOT: "Generally, I am moving to 4 inches. This is most comfortable format for me. I can make nicely detailed figures but still sell them at reasonable price. I have also ordered blisters for my 4 inch figures because after all, blister packaging is classics. And here' a sneak peek of one of my first 4 inch figures. This is Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk. His helmet is not yet painted properly, but you get the idea. Yeah, check out his sparkly boots."

KOSROBOT: "I'm also working on a new website. It would include actual information about my products and projects, bios for the characters and stories of making. Hope to share it soon."
TOYSREVIL: Share with us, WHO you are and what you do?
KOSROBOT: "I am Kosrobot, a toy designer from Moscow. I make toys that I want to exist, whether these are my own creations or figures based on existing characters. You can purchase some of my toys at store.kosrobot.com and you can follow me on instagram.com/kosrobot or facebook.com/kosrobot."

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