Let Me Show You My (Toy) Boxes! #toylife

With a random shot of toy-boxes kept on my shelf (taken to mark a moment of my #henglifesg), it remind me specifically of “boxes”, and of what I have been reading/viewing in the toy-sphere for some time now, about the constant and continued "debate" of KEEPING or THROWING AWAY the boxes which your toy/collectible had come out of.

For myself, I do keep the boxes for most of my toys (not all), essentially for "storage" purposes, rather than perceived "after-market-value", although I would not deny that appeal and intent.

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"Storage" simply because I have extremely limited display space, and most toys will come out of their boxes FIRST for photographing and review purposes (on my Instagram or uploaded on my YouTube channel), then either it/"the toy" (A) Gets a display space, (B) Gets laid around the room AKA "TOYSREVIL HQ", and/or (C) Get returned into the box from which it came out of, because angular boxes are much easier to stack and store, innit?

Even plastic-bagged-with-header-card, in whatever shapes, sizes and colors the toys/collectibles they may be, more likely came (mailed) in a box, innit? For those purchased "loose", there might be a toyogo plastic container to be housed in, or stuffed into yet another unassuming brown carton box, and be forever lost within the hoard until my next "toy-excavation". (No, it's not just a gimmick, it is very real! :p)

Have you ever watched my "DEBOX" series, where I open up / "Debox" an old toy box
(kept in my storage), and share it's contents - re-discovering them as you see it :)

Far be it I would have to spend more $$$ to purchase clear-tinted plastic containers to house the toys ... with my dream of a ceiling-tall wall of container-drawers used for storing toys, a constant motivation .... reality being, I had long but given up of having "display shelves", because there is simply no space for vertical displays!

“Practicality” rules my #toylife, what can I say? :p

But then again, I do like, and enjoy the visual aesthetics of the boxes the toys come in with, and I think it is an important aspect of the toy, and the allure it (might) add to the collectible itself, IMHO.

It might tell more of the story that the box contained within. It might feature a 2D-graphic interpretation of the toy within, hence giving it another "dimension" or even a subtle depth of history which helps "enhance" the lump of painted plastic housed within, doesn't it? Of course there are obvious examples, but then again all is in the eyes of the beholder, as much as the toy itself is, appealing to different people with differing tastes.

And I'll even admit a time in my toylife when I wished ALL toys came in an unprinted cardboard box, as it might COST LESS to produce, and therefore us to pay more for, innit? LOL

... I had just realised now that I'd chosen to Display THE BOXES instead of MORE TOYS, on the shelf, innit? LOL

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"Funny" now that I remember a post I'd done back in 2011, extolling the virtues of "Toy Joy In A Box", whereas now I am in danger of being overrun by boxes stacked up in my room, threatening to topple unto my life! Or maybe I am just a hoarder, justifying my hoardery-ways MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
"There is something very joyous about discovering a box of toys. And by discovery, I mean randomly finding a box filled with goodies, as opposed to the other overt joy of collecting: receiving a box filled with toys from the postman (to wit). And while there IS a difference between receiving a paid load of toys, as opposed to a box of freebies - the absolute silent smile that comes with randomly discovering a box of toys, is pretty much priceless, IMHO."

What about YOU?
Do you keep your toy boxes?
Or chuck them once the toys come out? :)

But hey, regardless of your choice, don't let anyone tell you what you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do! The choice and decision is ultimately yours, as it is the freedom to choose ("being able to afford" notwithstanding) that as well makes this hobby of ours enriching too, IMHO :)



Sue Shi Yuan said…
I keep the boxes as i like the package design, also for the blindboxes, keeping the opened box helps reminds you of what other figures in the blindbox series you have not gotten.

And yes, you have to get those cheapo $6 40l plastic container from giant to store toys you have no space to display!