MATAS (Make A Terrific Artwork Someday) by RSCLs x Ryf at Aliwal Arts Centre (Opens Jan 17)

WHAT-IS: "M.A.T.A.S (Make A Terrific Artwork Someday) is a tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted comment by the RSCLS collective on the Singapore graffiti and street art community’s endless commitment to stay relevant and sustainable, while balancing tensions such as the politics and negotiation of space, both public and personal. These tensions, which are commonplace in the practice of street art and graffiti, stresses that space – both physical and metaphorical, is a very limited commodity."

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PRESS CONTINUED: "For the first time, RSCLS will collaborate with interactive artist, Ryf Zaini to create a body of interactive artworks. As an urban art collective, this is a departure from their usual modus operandi of spray-painted graffiti murals. The union of these two creative entities out of their comfort zone, will create, encourage and challenge the complexities of space for artistic and personal expression in an environment such as Singapore, where the unmitigated scrutiny of technologically-advanced public surveillance, and trigger-happy netizens come together in an oddball approach to active citizenry."

"MATAS (Make A Terrific Artwork Someday)" by RSCLs x Ryf opens January 17th (7pm) at Aliwal Arts Centre (28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918). RSVP via the event's Facebook page.

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Presented by Aliwal Arts Centre
In Conjunction With Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2018
Part of Singapore Art Week