Newest 2018 Editions of SPACE DOG by Han Ning - in a new larger size too!

China-based toy-creator Han Ning of the art life brand 6HL6 shares with us images-n-info for his latest SPACE DOG release - specially apt for the upcoming Chinese New Year ("Year of the Dog" no less!), with three new versions: "I MISS YOU", "GOOD LUCKY" and "MONEY DUO DUO" ("米多多" in Chinese meaning just like the Japanese "fortune cat Maneki Neko")! No only that. they are "bigger" than the previous original versions, with these vinyl puppies sized 3-inches tall!

Each version is limited to 100 pieces, each priced at US$82 per, and US$237 for a "set" of the three designs.

All interested International buyers are to send an email to "" and submit purchase info, Paypal payable (PayPal: ""). Expected delivery to be at the end of April 2018.

"These works would be completed by hand - making and machine - production. hoping to share with you in the most appropriate and accurate artistry for "space dog". Gongs and drums sound the world, welcome to the lunar New Year, let the group with us Happy Wang together!" - shared Han Ning.

The deep night sky, twinkling with the bright stars;
listening to you quietly, the beautiful and clear songs;
The night will never be dark again, the seed of courage rising slowly in this moment;

With a fortunate coronation, I take all suffering as a test of happiness ;
Only confidence, silently tells me the future is just in action
Go on please, going through storm and thunder and you'll see the rainbow.

The reason of joy, is the endless harvest to the innermost heart;
The power of happiness, try to let the light always favor my own city;
At the moment, proud and charming smiles are blooming.

May we move forward together to create a beautiful golden age!