Of Porgs vs Lightsaber & 16 Bit Battles (Possible SPOILERS for STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI)

A couple of SPOILER fan-made clips for Star Wars THE LAST JEDI that might tickle your weekend viewing pleasures, featuring PORGS vs a lightsaber (you KNOW how that's going to end, don't you?) and a Jedi vs former-Jedi-padawan battle in 6 bit!

If you've not watched STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, then this is absolutely a SPOILER, featuring the finale where Kylo Ren battles Luke Skywalker - which left folks doing undoubtably a double-take (*I loved it, tho!*) - but done in animated "16 bit" by animator John Stratman!

Remember that scene in THE LAST JEDI, where "Porgs" were playing with Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, on planet Ahch-To? Doesn't matter if you don't, as long as you recognise the "Porgs" and find the following clip "funny" :p

Animated and edited by Visual Effects Artist Daniel Angelo Molinyawe (IG @angelo.vfx / facebook.com/yawe123) using Adobe After Effects.

Although this makes perfect sense, especially when Chewbacca was attempting to eat a roasted-Porg for dinner, and we don't want our favourite Wookie to be a "Porg-murderer", do we? Heh.