Toy-Review: Graytone WORTH CAT by Michael Lau x PUMA

Today I take a closer in-hand look at Michael Lau's latest vinyl collectible: "WORTH CAT", from the PUMA Sample Suede set (Previously unboxed HERE) scheduled to be released in Singapore January 20th 2018 via Leftfoot and Limited Edt.

In celebration of Puma's 50th anniversary, PUMA had collaborated with Hong Kong based artist Michael Lau (The "Godfather of Urban Vinyl Toys") in producing not just a sneaker, but as well the "Worth Cat". Released in Hong Kong back in 2017 saw the vinyl toy available in multiple colorways (see ad images below) to go with the multi-colored sneakers. For this particular release, we have the graytone Worth Cat.

The design of the figurine is inspired by the shape of the sample tag and the PUMA Cat. Each figure represents one of the seven shades used on the sneaker, and as well featured seven different expressions, namely; SILLY, SMILE, SERIOUS, SCARY, SAD, SILENT and SCREAM. I assume my Worth Cat to be "Scared" LOL

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The SRP for the Sneaker+Toy set is priced at SGD$270. I've been told this is limited to 400-500 sets worldwide. I would assume availability (of the expressions) is "random", but perhaps you might want to check in with the retailer(s).

One thing I have to say though, the press release touted this as being a "Michael Lau Autographed limited edition figurine", when the only "autograph" I could find was a deboss into the figure's back, and not a "signed with a marker" in any surface of the toy - Just so you know :)

On a sidenote, friends (on my FB) have commented that they'll pay between SG$50 to SG$70 just for the toy alone ... What about YOU? What will you be willing to pay for just the collectible? (*And no, I am not selling my figure.... no yet, anyways ;p).

Truth be told, I never did have that high expectations of the figure, since seeing it online and blogging about it .... but upon "de-bagging" it for this review, I did not expect to have enjoy the figure as much as I did!

And while I would hardly claim this to be a "game-changer" in terms of design, but in bridging the commercial worlds of "sneakers" and "collectible toys", PUMA did a dope deal here in giving fans and folks a taste of both pop culture corners, IMHO.


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