TOYSREVIL's #pageflip PLAYGROUND Issue #11

WHAT-IS: "Back in the early 2000s, "Playground" was a supplement to MiLK magazine in Hong Kong, whereby the contents were primarily of the toy-scene in HK! And even my command of the Chinese language was horrible, I collected these issue religiously! All I needed to know (then) was “How Much”? “How Many?” and “When”, and of course by designed-by/made-by “WHO”!"

Here is a page-flip video of one such (random) issue.
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I remember this “STORM & MUST” 1/6 scales figure set from #Brothersworker x #HotToys back in the day, holding the box set in my hands, as I stood in earnest at The Falcon’s Hangar (when they were in Far East Plaza), but did not pulling the trigger and have been regretting it ever since, decades later ... but then again, I held a pretty tight wad on toy expenses then, although frankly I wouldn’t have been able to afford it wholly then. The story has not really changed much now, and I live my #toylife with plenty of regrets, of being unable to afford what I really wanted ... just that NOW I have my own blog and Instagram to bitch and whine about it hahahaha #throwbackthursday #throwbacktoythursday This snap taken from Playground mini mag, for my weekly #pageflip on #TOYSREVIL

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Do you recognise any of the toys featured in these pages?
Do you own any of the toys featured in these pages? :)

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