#toystolookoutforin2018 (Wave 4)

As we step into 2018, I'd continue to take a look at what #toystolookoutforin2018 - with images spotted on my social media feeds (Further product information pending), and perhaps help you navigate what to look out for in the new year of toys to come!

Since its debut appearance at last year's STGCC, Luke Chueh's incarnation of Jon-Paul Kaiser x Huck Gee's "Skullhead Samurai" vinyl figure with Pobber Toys features a Chinese/Oriental theme of GUAN GONG / GUAN YU - showcasing his iconic red-face with full long beard, green tunic and golden armour, not forgetting his "guan dao" (named "Green Dragon Crescent Blade")! Update via Luke's Instagram @lukechueh.

"POOL BABIES" from Pucky of Hong Kong sees her harlequin-styled character design now looking adorable with his/her own flotation unit, waiting to jump into the Pool of the Toy World! Updates via her Instagram @puckyart.

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If you are unfamiliar with Kuala Lumpur-based artist "Orkibal" (you really should!), you'd recognise his "DINO SEA CAT" character creation in his graphic designs all these years, and now finally it gets the 3D-treatment! Stay updated on his Instagram @orkibal AND @dinoseacat for further updates on it's development!

CuriousBoy of NAUGHTY BRAIN readies to unleash "the dopest asian crew" unto the toy-world! Featuring a tease for a quartet of characters with a decidedly "urban vinyl"-style from the early 2000s - complete with angular digits and fly gear, keep your eyes out for "HIGHER BROTHERS" and stay connected to Instagram @akacuriousboy for updates!

Interesting too that there is a "#88rising" hashtag with the images - a fashion collaboration on the figures?

...and hey, what's THIS about an unnamed ("Neymar. JR") "armoured character"? #EXCITED