#toystolookoutforin2018 (Wave 5)

As we step into 2018, I'd continue to take a look at what #toystolookoutforin2018 - with images spotted on my social media feeds (Further product information pending), and perhaps help you navigate what to look out for in the new year of toys to come!

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South Korean toy designer Rato Kim is embarking on a new toy form, beyond her successful BOXCAT and DINO CAT forms, with currently sculpting a character named "YoHoRen"! Stay tuned for further updates on her Instagram @ratokim.

Norway-based artist and toy-designer Remjie Malham has designed and sculpted a new ("Sabretooth Tiger"?) animal character named "ToraTora", to be produced in Japan latter in the year as a sofubi, and I cannot wait to see what happens next with this guy - who reminds me of the best of Hanna Barbara cartoons! I'd advise you folks to stay glued to her Instagram @remjie_malham!

Thailand-based Studio Toi reveals the prototype of a new Fox baby-styled character named "FENNI", with no further product details for this adorable cutey, besides it's size: 12.5 cm (about 5 inch)! And while previous releases from Studio Toi have been in "resin", I sure hope someone out there sees this post, and helps produces her character into vinyl! You are advised to stay connected to her Facebook page for updates! (All above images via).

USA-based sculptor SeriouslySillyK creates a chili-styled and sized "Mini Sleepwalker" based on Paulus Hyu's creation, to be produced by Kurobokan! Featured above is the process video, which I had previously featured on TOYSREVIL last year, but bears revisiting, AND I am exited to see where this is going next! Instagrams @seriouslysillyk and @kurobokan for updates, please!