wee.toys' #TopTenToysOf2017 On TOYSREVIL

Toy-collector and avid toy-photographer known as "wee toys" (Instagram @wee.toys) shares with us his TOP TEN TOYS OF 2017 on TOYSREVIL! Scroll down to see his choices, and read the words he has for them :)

#10: Gaikochu with clay zombie mask - "made by skulltula (@skulltulala), the size is so small around 3 inch but its has a lot of articulations. and the mask is make more expressions, its a zombieeeee...."

#9: Gachamaxx Seizensetsu by Maxtoyco - "a sofubi on gacha machine, made by maxtoyco - I'm really happy when i score this one, bought one capsule and i got the secret item on this series, and its painted !!! wohooo!!!"

#8: P.P.Pudding x Paulushyu Nimbus Kinohel - "Super cute kinohel made by one of my favorite sofubi maker Gen Kitajima collaborating with talented artist Paulus Hyu, the designer of Nimbus character. They make an awesome Nimbus Kinohel, Kinohel with nimbus hat. The hat is the dog, very genius!!!"

#7: Takeshi Hongo Kamen Rider Ichigo by Medicom Toy - "Sofubi with removable helmet always attract many people including me.  Medicom Toy has released Kamen Rider Ichigo in some version, but now they releasing with Takeshi Hongo head sculpt. This release make Kamen Rider Ichigo sofubi more accurate."

#6: Monkey King by Itokin Park x Mirock Toy - "This Monkey King version is very cute with blushed cheeks. very lucky to score this one. The paint of Itokin Park and sculpt of Mirock Toy on this monkey king make a joyful mind."

#5: Forest Machine by Mirock Toy x Kikkake Toy - "A Mash-up using a Mirock Toy Gorilla and belly, combined with Kikkake Toy Ape foot and arms, creating a new figure... Both of you really genius!!!"

#4: Knave Tokyo - Kataki Tomahawk - "Simple and great design on sofubi. Thank you to Knave Tokyo for allowing me to have this one."

#3: Dagangudo Tokyo Siccaluna Koubou Kappa Sama - "One of the best design of Siccaluna Koubou Kappa Sama, not glitter, not gid, not gold, but its clear with 5 small kappa inside the belly."

#2: Brandt Peters' Stingy Clyde - "The head sculpt is sculpted by MVH (Mutant Vinyl Hardcore), Brand Peter put his Clyde head on his Stingy Jack body. made a brand new character Stingy Clyde. Very very cool design. One of my holy grail!"

#1: Wananeko Custom with Baby Wananeko by Javier Jimenez - "Great Wananeko Works carrying baby on the back. Superb Painting and Superb Design."