Concept Art for MECHA DRAZORAN by David A White for Max Toy Co

Revealed just is a new collaboration between Max Toy Co and Designer of giant robots / Retrogame enthusiast David A White (@mechazone) whereby a new "Mecha Drazoran is being explored! David added;
"Mark approach me about a possible collaboration at Designer Con & how could I say no to such a rad dude? What do you think of these arm and leg sketches? The organic versions on the right are the original #Drazoran limbs."

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The resultant collectible will be a combination of "Vinyl X 3D Printing", which either is a full-on Mecha version (ie: "Mecha Godzilla"), or a half/half design (half-kaiju monster / half mecha), and I cannot wait to see the result! Max Toy Co's "Crusher G" and "Saikobi" pops immediately into mind, and would really be a swell style-fit into that genre, IMHO. As well I am personally enjoying these sketches featured, as they portray a "chunkier" form/body-build, and I like'em kaijus "chunky", myself! LOL

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