JUMPER by Colus x Kidrobot Revealed at New York Toy Fair 2018 (& Possibly Other Animals?)


WHAT/WHO: JUMPER (Mate Black Edition) by Colus x Kidrobot
WHEN/WHERE: Friday March 9th.
HOW MANY/HOW MUCH: 300pcs / Unknown (Possibly US$200 TBC)

On display at the recent New York Toy Fair 2018 was the "JUMPER" designed by Colus and produced by Kidrobot as a "medium figure" (myplasticheart has it on preorder for US$199.99 / Ships March 2018).

Previously released in resin self-produced by South Africa-borne currently San Diego-based Colus (see vidclip of it in Dcon below), this rabbit-impaled-on-a-stick follows his "Ravenous" duo edition-release with Kidrobot.

KIDROBOT PRESS: "Are you ready to have your collection jump to new heights? Jumper by Colus is about overcoming obstacles. This intrepid matte black rabbit is reminding you that if you jump and don’t make it, jump higher and don’t get stuck. Take a leap of faith and add one as a centerpiece to your home today!"

Super extra cool to run into the talented @colus today! Welcome to NYC brother!

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Totally loving the angular aesthetics (a hallmark of his designs) and consistently monochromatic color palettes ... and could possibly serve as Kidrobot's "coarse/slash/animal"-design sensibilities to build on, IMHO. Seen in the above snap of the artist (from @tenacioustoys), he looks to be holding an "elephant's head" (you could make out a "ear" in the top image from @myplasticheart too). It would be fun to see Colus' "ark" be built up of "black-n-white" pairs :)


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