Maddie Madwolfie for #toptentoysof2017 on TOYSREVIL

As we inch closer to Chinese New Year, and the upcoming end of our "TOP TEN TOYS OF 2017" serial features, today we take a look at Valerie AKA "Maddie Madwolfie"'s list, and her own words for her choices! And as well you can check out her regular toy-snaps on her collection on Instagram and Facebook ~ Onwards!

#10 - Prisoner by Luke Chueh: "One that we can relate to from time to time; being trapped and held "prisoner" in our own terms."

#9 - Kookie No Good by Scott Tolleson"That cute little sad face with the pouting mouth!!! How can one resist?!?"

#8 - Orange GreenBot by TinBot: "Greenspot, Old Master T and various models of Hong Kong's yesteryear's transportation buses and vintage ice-cream trucks; these are some of the things that we used to grow up with. The nostalgia combined with the toy maker's vision to hand down these memories to the next generation by fusing them into tin robots."

#7 - Koijyarus by Takepico: "It is of a beautiful gold and I love the PDS-styled eyes."

#6 - Irezumi Cat: "Painted by JPK, given a new lease of life from former Sunguts Wolfie. How is one not to like the intricate paintwork by JPK? and plus, it was a wolf right? Me->madwolfie, get it? *lol*"

#5 - Innocent by Hariken: "Something about that leaf and the cute sausage mouth! Also it was my 1st toy that I got at via a lottery draw!!! ^^"

#4 - Boba Fett by Flabslab: "Simply beacause it is Boba Fett drinking bubble tea! What other reason do I need? ^^"

#3 - Daniel Yu Zombies: "Zombies!!! Work of Daniel Yu never fails to impress and these little ones have magnetic limbs!!! I want to build a zombie army!!!"

#2 - Panda Ink HIKE by Cacooca: "Not a sofubi but a really solid figurine that is well suited to bring along for my travels! The huge haversack also has great details. It is also suited for many photo-taking opportunites."

#1 - Manekitokage by Toshihiko Ito (aka painternet on IG): "Painternet's paintwork is always so vibrant and him coming out with his own line of gecko figurines is such a bonus. We all know resin figurines to be "stiff" right? Not these geckos!!! Toshihiko made them in two parts which is then connected together with a ball-bearing kind of connector; thus the head of the geckos are movable and gave them more expressions and life!!! Also, the little signs they held in their "hands", represent different categories of geckos; vegan, carnivorous, on diet ... really cute and clever! ^^"