New ICE EROSION MOLLY from INSTINCTOY & Bootleg Mini Erosion Molly

Hiroto Ohkubo shores with fans images of the latest incarnation of "ICE EROSION MOLLY" (a collaboration with Kenny Wong of Hong Kong) - with both editions available to view at the coming Wonder Festival 2018 (held at Makuhari Messe on Feb 18th), and you can head straight to the INSTINCTOY booth "4-05-03" for peeps and snaps! Availability TBD.
"...we are able to make them in different colors and also have a choice in using glitter, G.I.D or clear material on them. The color options are ever-changing.

The 1st sample “THE ICE” is made based on a concept of an ice world. We have also tried another color, which is the “Ice Fantasia” from the popular Erosion Molly colorway."
- shared Hiroto.

Alas with exciting new versions to be had, some unfortunate toynews has as well been publically revealed: Imitation mini EROSION MOLLY figures!
"It seems like the mini EROSION MOLLY has been counterfeited and leaked into the market. Based on the pictures, you can tell the fake product is elaborately made, but the logos on the bottom are totally different. ※We have our logos on the bottom of the authentic product which the fake product does not have.)"
"mini EROSION MOLLY is a collaborative work between KENNYSWORK × INSTINCTOY. We spent time and expense to have this figure made, and every work is really important to us.

The fake product infringes our intellectual property rights, so please do not purchase them. Please also beware of scams and make sure that the products you buy are authentic."
- added Hiroto Ohkubo of INSTINCTOY.

Perhaps a "testament" to a figure's "popularity", when bootlegs are made of them (*Small comfort, I know ...) - with KAWS' bootleg toys/collectibles popped into mind. It's one thing when you knowing purchase a bootleg, another when someone tries to pass one off as legit/authentic, and you play full price for it >.<"

... I wonder if there are indeed more FAKE INSTINCTOY products out there ... I'm sure a cursory search on online sales sites might shine a brighter light on the subject...