New POWER ANGER (Magma Edition) by IKY Available Now!

First teased in an earlier Q&A with Indonesia-based toy-creator Rizky Zakaria AKA IKY, we now have word that the new evolved form for his "POWER ANGER" character is now up and ready to enter your toy-collections, in this "Magma Colorway"!

Each 4" tall "rubber resin" piece is elaborately hand-painted, and limited to only 5pcs. Folks interested are to DM Instagram @iky.z for pricing and availability. Tell them "TOYSREVIL SENT YOU"!

"The power anger is a new character in 2018. I want to make a difference, want to make it look more "anger". This character also reminded me at the beginning of making the concept of power anger, it's risen from "emotion". This form of toys, start from the form of a heart that turns into flame. Represents angry emotions. So for this colorway is black - orange - yellow, like a magma color. Our hearts are like mountains that have magma, can explode at any time when it's "hot". The size of this toys is 4", made only 5 editions, hand colored, with 2 points of articulation." - shared Iky
"(For this release) I used a different material; “Rubber resin”, (the result is as) soft as rubber, not fragile. Yess, this year I will use this material for all toys and want to consistently release toys every end of the month with different colorway. Of course still managed independently with SOTOY." - added Iky.