Nominations Opened for the 8th Annual Designer Toy Awards 2018!

The "Designer Toy Awards" have now officially launched the nomination period for the 8th annual awards on! This year's awards will accept nominations for releases, artists, and companies, that were active from January to December 2017, and remember: Your favourites need to be NOMINATED FIRST, before they are selected to be voted on later, yeah?
"... only nominated items can be considered for the awards. If you want your work to be considered please nominate it, nominations are confidential and there is no shame in nominating yourself or your own product! Voting for yourself... well that's a different story ;) "
And if you've liked/enjoyed what you've been reading on TOYSREVIL, I would be grateful and honoured if you folks could nominate TOYSREVIL for the "Best Blog" category, thank you :)

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This year will see an introduction of a NEW Category: "Best Production Sculpt" - whereby "this new category will recognize a singularly outstanding sculpt for a production toy. This award celebrates a sculpt that exemplifies the creative act of transforming an artists vision into a 3-dimensional object."

• Release must be a brand new Designer Toy, or a significantly modified version of a previous release, that was debuted last year.
• Release must have been produced in qty's greater than 50 pieces.
• Release can be produced in any material

Nominations starts now, and ends March 12th (6pm EST), whereby the next stage would be "VOTING" (Standby for dates!).

Winners will be announced at the Designer Toy Awards Ceremony on June 1st, 2018, during the weekend of Five Points Festival. (For the public to attend the ceremony you must purchase a VIP Weekend ticket for Five Points Festival).