THE MESSENGER (In Vinyl & Resin) by KaNO x Munky King Toys for Feb 2nd Release

Releasing online here on Friday, 2/2/18 (@ 3PM PST.), is THE MESSENGER. Designed by KaNO and produced by Munky King Toys, two editions will be made available for pe-orders - The BLACK VINYL Edition (US$50 per), and he CLEAR RESIN EDITION (US$200 per / limited to 50pcs). Both editions kneels at 6.5 inches tall.

The figure itself has a somewhat "controversial" story connected to the real world (in the United States), as described in this product press;
"Football players often take a knee when someone suffers a severe injury on the field. An enduring expression of empathy amidst the combative intensity of the game.

Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem in solidarity with African American victims of police brutality. His call for empathy was met with angry vitriol from a polarized society. His message co-opted by powerful interests to serve their own agendas.

But his call for social justice endures through the iconic image of taking a knee - a solemn testament to the injury of those denied the equal humanity which lies at the core of America’s ideals. "

KaNO has since mentioned in his Facebook post that "Black History month and Super Bowl weekend are not a coincidence, it's all part of the plan." And you can as well read Patrick Lam's (President of MunkyKing) story of this piece here. A portion of the proceeds will support Kaepernick's youth campaign Know Your Rights Camp.