THE WILD ONES Dunny Series from Kidrobot Launched Feb 9th

"The Wild Ones" is a new Dunny series launched by Kidrobot on February 9th on and select retailers worldwide - featuring the designs of Squink!, Spankystokes, Igor Ventura, Linda Panda (Dunnys showcased below!), Kronk, Sharon Park, Josh Divine and Johnny Draco ... meanwhile, here's a handy-video slideshow I made! And don't forget to LIKE the video (on youtube) and SUBSCRIBE to the TOYSREVIL Channel! Thanks!

Let’s get to know the Gassy trio a bit more! Pooting Panda: This super excited and mega lovable Panda is always bouncing around and ready to let 'em rip! Beware of his pungent toots and furr-ocious bear hugs! Tooting Tiger: This shy and timid Tiger loves a good snuggle once she gets to know you. She'll release her little toots when you least expect them but that's when you know you've earned her friendship and trust! Flatulant Elephant: This thunderous Elephant is the life of the party! She toots to the beat of her own drum and entertains her friends by making funny renditions of her favorite songs with her farts. #dunny #lindapanda #kidrobot #vinyltoys #designer #toys #fart #tootles #tootlesfart #gassy #wildones #socute #kawaii #bunnysuit

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