VENOM - Teaser Trailer & Poster from Sony

While the poster dropped only just yesterday, the official teaser trailer has just been debuted for "VENOM" from Sony! Yes, you read that right, Spider-Man's infamous alien-symbiote-infected nemesis is headlining his own feature film, with actor Tom Hardy in the starring role of "Eddie Brock", in this Ruben Fleischer ("Zombieland", "Gangster Squad")-directed film, set to premiere in USA on October 5th, 2018.

News of this film has been instantly helped along in folks' attention span along with Tom's Instagramming off from (presumably) the set as early as May 2017, with not much shown of "Venom" (except for a tee), and fast forward to today's teaser, the visuals do not explain much about what's going on still, as does the vacant description on the film's IMDb-page. Closest we get is the poster LOL

There is as well an "International Teaser", which essentially is the exact same visuals, but with a "Coming Soon" at the end, instead of the "October" (in above video embed). Go watch it if you don't believe me :p

Folks "in the know" would "recognise" Tom Hardy as "Bane" in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Returns" - although to be "fair", you never did see his face beyond "Bane's Mask" ... while my memories swings straight to "James Delaney" in "Taboo", although I never did remember his voice to be so ... "dweeby" here as the "lethal protector"... >.<"