Custom TEQ63 by Jan Calleja - "DEFIANCE" Supermarine Spitfire (& Zeroman)

"DEFIANCE" is its name, and soaring thru the blue skies in search of his prey is the game! Witness the "Supermarine Spitfire"-inspired TEQ63 custom by Jan Calleja!

I had asked Jan what was his exact influence for this (commissioned) custom, and noticed as well his penchant for WW2 planes and tanks, in addition to his regular seen vehicular and mecha/robot themes seen in his art!

"Well, as much as my reading went, and from watching war movies, and more recent, the wikipedia ha ha...the 302nd Polish fighter squadron is one of the squadrons that fought in the Battle of Britain, formed in GB with mostly Polish fighters (in exile).

The client (had) wanted a Spitfire inspired TEQ63 and I just added a bit of back story to it. It's sort of a tribute to those planes and their pilots. The code letters "WX" was used by that squadron. And to make this one generic I didn't add a specific letter or identifying markings after it. Usually it spells ex. WX (emblem) A...or B...C... depending on the designation."
~ shared Jan Calleja.
"Ha ha I don't claim to be an expert on this. I just like watching and learning especially the World Wars ... thats why you've noticed some reference of it in my work. (And) as I've said in most of my interviews, that I'm not really into cars. I just like the look of their designs. It's planes, tanks, ships that I'm more interested in 🙂" ~ added Jan Calleja.
BTW, this is not his first custom with QUICCS' TEQ53 vinyl, with the first one ALSO inspired by a World War 2 plane: The Japanese Zero!

"Zeroman-TEQ", under the solar eclipse :)

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