FINAL DAY Bronze Multiple by KAWS for March 29 Release at Art Basel Hong Kong / KAWS in HK

Pace Prints will release a new KAWS figure multiple at the opening of Art Basel Hong Kong (March 29-31). Titled "FINAL DAYS", this bronze collectible is sized 9 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" inches, and is in an edition of only 25 pieces. "Price" is unrevealed (at this time).

Available exclusively via Pace Prints’ booth (1B39) at the opening of the fair on March 29th, it has been mentioned that "No orders will be taken at the galleries, on the phone or by email."

You might recognise this particular figure from the six-metre-high sculpture (above) erected as a free outdoor display in late 2017 for "Frieze Art Fair" at Regent’s Park, London!

"Bronze" ... "25pcs" ... If I were ever a KAWS-collector, I'd be blowing my contacts+mules to get this piece, because it is awesome! PRICE BE DARMNED! (Of course I cannot afford peanuts, so I bellow loud like a petulant beast, innit? Heh). But of course there's still the Pink KAWS BFF to look forward to, no worries :)

Brian Donnelly AKA KAWS will actually be in Hong Kong for his solo show at Perrotin Gallery (HK) opening March 26 exhibiting thru May 19th, AND has artwork represented by Skarstedt Gallery (Booth 1D19) for Art Basel HK, opening Tuesday, March 27 (2pm to 8pm) (Private Day: Invitation Only) at the Hong Kong Convention Center ... and would be pretty wild if he was at the launch of FINAL DAYS (which NNEDS to be made vinyl for everyone else besides the "lucky 25", IMHO), so maybe keep a lookout for snaps of him next to/holding "Final Days", and see the fans "explode" LOL

Brace Yourself, people.