Instagram Live Stream Toy Sculpting & Raffle with Nerviswr3k

Artist Gabriel Rivas better known in the toy-scene as "Nerviswr3k" (Toy Customiser/customizer / creator of Inner Child vinyl toy) shares with us what's he has been up to recently, with "live streaming" his work on Instagram (*Be sure to hit up and as well raffling off said sculpts! I'll let him and snaps of his own work, to speak for themselves :)

"Recently I decided to start doing live feeds on instagram while I sculpted and did a few giveaways. From that it turned into me challenging myself and taking on suggestions from the subject matter to the design to the color scheme of this sculpt bring created live.

All the meanwhile, I’m giving what little knowledge I have to offer, showing my methods and sharing what I’ve learned along the way. So, once we finish this piece live, I raffle said piece." - shared Nerviswr3k.

(Above: Completed scratch-built piece / Below: WIPs of the scratch-made "Drone Fish")
"Tickets are US$20.00 and spots are limited to 20 people. Raffle will be a week long stretch. Here is one of our first sculpts that was raffled off (successfully I might add) to one lucky viewer.

This is a fun and interactive way to communicate with supporters and lovers of art and sculpting and just plain low budget tomfoolery. We locked in our first official sponsor, Tenacious Toys! Taking a chance on us little guys. Thanks, we won’t let you down."

(DRONE FISH Raffle at US$20.00 here
"We also are gonna have random guests popping in to say hello. This 3.09.2018, we will have our first guest, artist @kalaka_toys from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tomorrow’s live feed and raffle kicks off at 5 pm and goes on until we say, hope to see you then."
- added Nerviswr3k.