"Malaysia Art Toy Showcase" (MAS) at #TAGCC2018 (April 7-8, 2018)

WHAT: TAGCC (Toys Anime Games Comic Con) 2018
WHEN: 7th & 8th April 2018 (0930 – 2100)
WHERE: Mid Valley Exhibition Hall (Hall 1, 2 & 3)
Address: Mid Valley Megamall, 1, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
58000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
TICKETS/FACEBOOK: www.tagcc.my / Facebook

PRESS: "TAGCC (Toys Anime Games Comic Con) 2018 is a first of its kind toys, collectibles, anime, comic, games and cosplay show in Malaysia which is co-organized by Comic Fiesta, one of South East Asia leading comic conventions. The convention will be held in Exhibition Hall 1, 2 & 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 7th and 8th April 2018.

In the toys and collectibles department, apart from brands such as MightyJaxx, Hot Toys, Prime 1 Studio and XM Studios, this convention will also feature ART & DESIGNER TOYS by several talented Malaysian Toy Artists under the umbrella of “MALAYSIA ARTTOY SHOWCASE” (MAS).

MAS was formed in 2017 for Taipei Toy Fest 2017 (TTF 2017) with several Malaysian toy artists to showcase their creations in Taipei."

In this coming TAGCC 2018, there will be total of 9 Malaysian toy artists featuring their designer collectibles and toys, which we will see today here in this post!

Note that their toys/collectibles will be available for purchase during the convention, and that you could meanwhile stay connected to them on their "MY Toy Hoard" Facebook Art Toy Group ... notice the "MY" stands for "Malaysia"? #SCHWEET!

TAGCC2018 Michael Chuah 1

ARTIST: Michael Chuah (Michael Chuah Design) (Team Leader)
(Facebook / Instagram @michaelchuah)

TAGCC2018 Michael Chuah 2
"A very well known veteran Malaysia comic artist, Michael Chuah (previously known as C2V) has also turn some of his famous comic characters into art toys. "LOWKEY" , a main character from his very popular comic title, 'Gengkey' was one of the first few soft vinyl toy if not the first in Malaysia. "MR. PAO" and "PAN" were his second toys based on his comic title, 'Office Survival'. Next toys in line will be "TEDDYBEE" and "RUFF" from 'The Never Ending Tales' which can be ordered now from Roots Studio." (Full Write-up on #MYToyHoard)

TAGCC2018 Jefferson Ng Ah Boy 1

ARTIST: Jefferson Ng (Ah Boy)
(Facebook / Instagram @jeffnjf)

TAGCC2018 Jefferson Ng Ah Boy 2
"When you grew up as a boy in Malaysia, it is common for people to call you Ah Boy ... Just like every toy artist, Jefferson wish that someday Ah Boy can transform from resin toy to vinyl toy. With his rock climbing determination and positive attitude, we know that those days are getting closer each day. Keep being playful & bring more joy to the world!" (Full Write-up on #MYToyHoard)

TAGCC2018 Kangblabla – Kebabtoys 1

ARTIST: Julius Raja Manickam (Kangblabla – Kebabtoys)
(Facebook / Instagram @Kangblabla)

TAGCC2018 Kangblabla – Kebabtoys 2
"If you are tired of vinyl and resin toys, then the wooden assembled Kebabtoys is what you are looking for. The man behind these beauties is Julius Raja Manickam or better known as Kangblabla. Why Kebab toys? well, the initial for Kangblabla is KBB & everytime he sees KBB, he thinks of kebab. Hence, Kebab Toys.

Georgetown, Penang is a great place with the ample of wood supply. He thought he should use it as his medium. He really enjoy creating characters in 3D where basically he is pulling them out from his drawings on paper. Currently Kangblabla is preparing for his solo exhibitions, more comics & of course more Kebab Toys." (Full write-up on #MYToyHoard)

TAGCC Chun Woei 01

ARTIST: Chun Woei (Urban Cr3atures)
(Facebook / Instagram @urbancr3atures)

TAGCC2018 Chun Woei 02
"In 2005, Urban-cr3atures was born out of passion to create new design, trend and dare to be different based on the principle of cultural identity. Chun Woei founded Urban-Cr3atures that treated creative works as his playground, where he finds satisfaction from his works in experimenting with weird approach in order to create and develop original new ideas. With this approach in over the years, Urban-cr3atures have produced a range of original designer’s products from clothing to toys.

He started making toys in 2007 as a mean to create a toy that represents UrbanCr3atures as a self branding product. Chun Woei (organised) the first ever George Town Toys & Comic Convention (GTTCC) in 2017 . It is to create a platform and build the art toys community here in Malaysia. This is also hoping that more Malaysian will come forward as toys designer or maker. Currently he is working on more characters based on Malaysia identity and the project is called LokaGenda means Local Legends." (Full write-up on #MYToyHoard)


ARTIST: Sean Lee (Sean Lee Design)
(Facebook / Instagram @sean_lee_design)

"Sean Lee is a Singapore based, Malaysian artist. His style and concept for artworks are influenced by the surroundings of the unique cultural, history, current issue and the experience around us. The way of presenting his art is a mixture of oriental and modern design. In 2017, Sean released the soft vinyl version of Qbies Dino." (Full write-up on #MYToyHoard)

ARTIST: Ah-B (Little Good Thing)
(Facebook / Instagram @littlegoodthingsb)

"Graduated as a 3D animator, Ah-B (had worked) as a product designer in Singapore for three years. In 2012, he founded Little Good Thing (美好小事) which specialize in illustration and character design. Ah-B created his first toy in 2015 - a cute cat with rain boots called "Mon-Tae 夢太". In 2016, his second toy was born and it is called "Under Skin 張牙舞爪". His third released toy is called "Under Neko 張牙舞貓" (and) it is a combination of his favourite cat and Under Skin." (All write-up on #MYToyHoard)

TAGCC Tekxtoys 01

ARTIST: Jia Ying (Tekxtoys)
(Facebook / Instagram @tekxtoys)

TAGCC Tekxtoys 02
"T Jia Ying, from Johor (is) currently working in Singapore. He is better known as TEK, (who) graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 with animation background. In 2017, TEK releases his first vinyl figure, Hippo Guy. A gentle smiling Hippo that bring joy to everyone." (Full write-up on #MYToyHoard)

ARTIST: Ren Chang (Lizzie)
(Facebook / Instagram @deerlizzie)

TAGCC2018 Ren Chang 01
"Currently studying in Bristol, UK, Ren Chang Lee always wanted to become a concept artist or card game illustrator. He was inspired by project Behance "Kidzilla × Gameragirl" by Yoii × Wetworks, that was when his first designer toy was born, a deer like creature called "Lizzie"." (Find out WHY it is called "Lizzie" on #MYToyHoard)

TAGCC2018 Lionel Lo 1

ARTIST: Lionel Lo (Ikuwashi)
(Facebook / Instagram @yiihwa)

TAGCC2018 Lionel Lo 2
"Lionel Lo or better known as Ikuwashi ... started making toys using paper clay (in 2012), and (in 2015), he officially started producing his first resin toy, Puu Puu.

Besides getting inspiration from his children, Lionel even encourage them to be creative. Like father like son, in Toysoul 2017, Lionel brought along illustration books with his son's creation, "James' Sea Adventure". He even made the characters into resin figures alongside his own creation, Little Rock." (Full write-up on #MYToyHoard)

*Thanks to Edward Low for the info & headsup.
*Artist Bios originally written by DesignToys Jang for MYToyHoard.