After nearly two weeks into my own personal March of Robot sketch-attempts, had I "discovered" the existence of a "prompt list"!

Thanks to a my earlier feature, I'd discovered tis year's prompt list from #MarchofRobots creator DaCosta! - through nobody's fault but of my own lack - reproduced here for your reference!

For folks not in the know, "MARCH OF ROBOTS" is an annual Instagram (based) Sketch Challenge, whereby folks draw a "ROBOT A Day" and post on their Instagram - with the hashtag #MarchOfRobots - everyday for the entire month of March. Think "Inktober" for October every year. Anyone can join in, including pros and hobbyists. There are prizes to be had, which you can read in full on marchofrobots.com. As well you can post on Twitter, Tumblr etc ... although I am unsure if the that would be included in the "contest".


Launched 2014, this challenge was actually borne from an art book project on Kickstarter, which began wwwlife as "Botober" in 2012 - also from DaCosta!

A "prompt list", is literally a list of "suggestions" based on a single word, as a possible theme for your sketches. Different words for different days, sometimes connected, some times not at all. Would not be too surprised if anyone mentioned "random words", because maybe that's the idea?

There are prompt lists that are specifically themed, like a horror/Halloween themed sketch challenge I did a few years back for.

I tried a prompt list a couple years back, which might have helped me "decide" what to doodle, but still needed to crack my head to draw something to suit the prompt LOL


This particular year I have attempted to film time-lapse videos for most of my doodles (*tking a break from DRWG13-6 to :p), and have them both instagrammed and blogged on my sketch-blog, for you kind perusal, and for a much-needed self-indulgence, I admit ... Thus far I've stuck to "4 drawings per theme", specifically to do quad-montage images! Can't help myself, everything's "blog"-focused in most of my life ~ LOL