#PacificRimUprising: Toy Renders & Reviews

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING launched in local cinemas the past Thursday here in Singapore, and while I am gearing up to watch it in the cinemas (despite the general not-so-spectacular reviews gleaned online), TOYSREVIL instead take a look at the TOYS first, in this instance a spread of renders from Bigshot Toyworks, for their work on the Diamond Select Toys (seen @ New York Toy Fair earlier in Feb) for which BSTW is credited as "sculpted by" on the blister cards too, and as well "in-hand" via a review video from "Luminous"!

And while I remembered gagging for the NECA action figures from the first movie, I never could afford bite the purchasing bullet, but instead was contented and happy with my gachas purchased years later!

Besides simple affordability (which primarily governs my toylife these days, not ashamed to say), I would safely say my desire to buy the action figures from this film sequel, might well rest on my enjoyment of the film itself, rather than just aesthetically seeing them online and on my blog LOL

That said, here's another review video from Luminous, this time its Diamond Select Toys versus "Robot Spirits" from Tamashii Nations / Bandai!

Sometimes that's the one thing about Mass Media (licensed) toys versus independent "art toys" (generically categorised for "non-licensed toys", in this particular instance, thanks) - especially for non-regular wage earners like myself, where what we spend our $$$ is no longer just about "visual aesthetics", but of remembering/retaining the good experience(s) we had while watching/listening to said property/anime/cartoon/film/television show

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