#playingwith Doktor A's Stephen LePodd for #throwbacktoythursday

Featured here today is a look at Doktor A's Stephen LePodd vinyl collectible, produced and released by MINDstyle in 2009, with this 8-inch tall Mechtorian denizen being the "De-Comissioned" Edition exclusive to DragonCon for that year, but with a seemingly deeper scarlet paint wash (compared to the online images of said edition).
DOKTOR A Had once described this as: "A rusted and abandoned version. One of Mr. LePodd's suits that developed a fault and was ditched mid adventure..."
This particular pieces was a gift at a local toy-con, and I had accepted "as-is", with no box nor label, so I do not have the packaging to show here. I've only just found out (thanks for the headsup, Bruce!) that this is a "prototype" piece, which featured a deeper red paint-app, versus the production ones which were more brown than that red. Looks stunning with a richer hue!

Besides the multitude of colorways and editions released (the line-up here excludes the Resin Paint Masters and One-Off customs), Stephen had a smaller brethren as part of the Mechtorians Mini Figures Series. You can as well view all of them HERE #onTOYSREVIL, or via rotocasted.com (all images via), and do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability, if you are so inclined to add more to your Doktor A collection.

As far as I knew/read, the "Mechtorians" license had resided with MINDstyle for a duration of time, which has since expired. But what really happened between MINDstyle's production relationship with Doktor A? Why did we not see MORE Mechtorians figures being released? I checked in with Bruce Whistlecraft AKA "Doktor A" to clear the air, and this was what Bruce shared;
"They licenced some Mechtorian characters from me with a 5 year option. This is quite common. After series 1 of the mini Mechtorians and the large Stephan were released their company changed direction as far as I know and they decided not to produce a series 2. After the time elapsed the rights reverted to me.

I was super happy with the toys they produced. Their technical production quality was top notch. I was particularly happy with the large Stephan LePodd figures. Still a high point in my toy designing life.

This year will see series 2 of Mini Mechtorians being released with Kidrobot. 14 new original characters in the same 3" scale..."
And there you have it! And MORE Mini Mechtorians to look forward to, people! Stay connected to Doktor A via his Instagram @doktor_a / Facebook / patreon.com/mechtorians for updates!