Previews for MISAPPROPRIATED ICON Group Custom Show by Strangecat Toys @ Redefine Gallery (Opens March 15)

WHAT/WHO: "Misappropriated Icon" custom show from Strangecat Toys
WHEN/WHERE: March 15-22, 2018 @ Redefine Gallery

I am in awe looking at the previews for Strangecat Toys' "Misappropriated Icon" custom show, scheduled to debut March 15th at Redefine Gallery (exhibiting thru March 22nd)! Since my first announcement post, we now have a show-title, an event poster (Designed by @inprimewetrust), and a slew of swell peeks on the @strangecattoys Instagram and as well some schweet work featured here today - direct from the artists' Instagrams!

The platform of choice had been on a reproduction 16-inch tall KAWS Dissected figure, and I am fascinated with that premise! I'd remember a conversation not long ago with another collectibles collector, who insisted that "bootleg toys" were bad - which I totally agreed, don't get me wrong! - but as a wannabe customiser hobbyist myself, I would consider purchasing a bootleg - say, a Michael Lau figure - to paint on, than to afford a legit $100+ figure to paint on for fun! But if ever I put it up for sale? Then I'll def state that this was a reproduction/bootleg base, as Strangecat Toys had done, and let the buyers decide for themselves :)

But hey, I am just a hobbyist, and cannot compare with the sheer awesomeness from these folks' work, innit? LOL

And while I totally understand the POV and hardwork that goes into creating a character and copyright, my question is does having work done on a bootleg figure, diminish the result of the art-piece, because of the platform it was worked on?

Meanwhile, here are more previews to gawk at!

"Misappropriated Icon" custom show
will feature works from:

@thejennbot & @thetonybot

Redefine Gallery @ 29 South Orange Ave. Orlando, FL, USA. /