Seen at Strangecat Toys' MISAPPROPRIATED ICONS @ Redefine Gallery *March 15-22)

Not enough of seeing awesome customs in the previous feature? Unable to make your way to the Gallery for the launch of the custom show on March 15th? No worries, we've got some snaps to share, courtesy of organisers Strangecat Toys!

Featuring a schweet line-up of customized 16" tall reproduction KAWS Dissected figures, the “Misappropriated Icon” show will exhibit through March 22nd at Redefine Gallery (29 South Orange Ave. Orlando, FL). As well, all pieces will be available first opening night at the gallery. Any unsold pieces will be available at 10pm eastern time at

Alas one sole custom piece did not manage to make its way to the show, with Rob Ramirez AKA Ink Visual's piece since LOST in transit (*possibly courtesy of UPS)! Do keep a lookout for this piece if it appears in the after market or online auction sites!

LOST: “Sacrifice of an ancient warrior” has gone missing via ups, this show ment a lot to me personally but has now been taken from me, on a good note there are so many great artist/ inspirational people/pieces to see over at @strangecattoys and @redefinearts like the piece my brotha @urbanaztec murdered out if u haven’t seen it definitely check it out or @dashiffa & @tomodachiisland which are epic as well. Definitely wish the best for this show truly. If anyone finds it on eBay or anywhere please let me know so i can hunt them down!! 🔥💀 #DiaDeLosMuertos #dayofthedead #sugarskulls #sugarskull #ink_visuals #strangecattoys #sanfrancisco #bayareaart #customfigures #customtoy #designertoy #vinyltoys #swarovskicrystals #mexicanart #calaveras #gold #azteca #death #life #present #belladelamere #pixarcoco #kaws #kawscompanion #hypebeast

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