The Pop Culture Appropriation / Homage of READY PLAYER ONE Promotional Posters

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From the trailers & TV Spots we've been treated to thus far, READY PLAYER ONE is chockfull of pop culture and media references/homages (alas, I've not read the novel to speak further on that aspect :p), - in a cocktail of "thinly-veiled" to "in-your-face-recognizable"! So it is with little but pleasant surprise that in their latest promotion release, a schweet selection of 80s/90s movie posters (except for a sole late-60's action film?) have been given the "Ready Player One" remixed-treatment, featuring the upcoming film (principal) characters’ avatars instead of the original actors! Not forgetting the altered text! (And yes, I am THAT old to be able to recognise all of them without any prompts LOL).

(Got it? Good.)

Here's what's been released online the far... *Hi-5s* to you folks who recognise them! Go google them yourselves for the folks who don't Or go see side-by-sides here!

It would have been so "easy" to roll out a catalog of past Steven Spielberg-directed films here (see the video trailer below otherwise lol), but instead they've decided to reach beyond the director's classics .. with some results are GOLD, while others put a smile in my heart because of the memories, but not a smile on my face LOL ... but that's just me :p

So what worked for you? And what didn't? :)

With TOYSREVIL, I've had the pleasure of seeing tons of "appropriation" / "homage" work thru the decade I have been blogging about toys and collectibles - circumventing the notion of "plagiarism" or "art theft" - whereby the imagery / aesthetics / or even colors of a recognisable pop culture icon/brand had been used/utilized to adorn or form a independent self-made toy(s). From "Super Mario"-moustaches on limited resin casted runs, to one-of-a-kind custom collectibles featuring McDonald's red-n-yellow colors - these appropriation connects everyone and anyone who recognises at least one side of the equation, and that is a glorious thing when it comes to eyeballs-retention, IMHO!

And while there are some mainstays that overstay their "fun" (*cough-Star Wars-cough*), it is always interesting to see where and how practitioners will take their work, and as well the "cleverness" of the appropriation ("elements" or wholesale) that can be achieved ... "Copyright" be damned! .... But used in "mass media"? Beyond the subculture and into pop culture cult classics? *SCHWEET COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT*

"When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune. Wade Watts finds the first clue and starts a race for the Egg."
READY PLAYER ONE (PG-13 | 2h 20min) is directed by Steven Spielberg, and is scheduled to premiere March 29th in the USA, and the same date in Singapore!