"UKIUK" by Gorgocho x Quiccs for a Toycon UK 2018 premier

WHAT/WHO: "UKIUK" by Gorgocho x Martian Toys
WHEN/WHERE: Toycon UK 2018 on April 7-8 /
Retailers by April 13th @ 10am Eastern
HOW MUCH/HOW MANY: Price currently Unknown.
Light variant (General Release) is in an edition of 200pcs.
Dark variant (Martian Toys exclusive) in an edition of 150pcs.

PRESS: "Martian Toys is pleased to announce the world premier of Ukiuk byGorgocho at Toycon UK April 7 & 8. "Ukiuk" is Gorgocho’s first production vinyl!

Gorgocho, aka Charles Rodriguez hails from Venezuela where he works as a Designer / Creative Director. In the art toy world, Charles is known for both his insanely meticulous custom work and his sculpt for hire work on toys such as Jeff Lamm's Greasebat and Mini Greasebat, Gary Ham’s Wooper Looper, Adam Saul’s Semi Korosiya, Frank Mysterio’s Antichrist 666, and Phil Lumbang’s Awesome Bear. Now he has teamed up with his Red Mutuca partner, Quiccs and Martian Toys to bring you his character, Ukiuk which uses the TEQ63 torso as a base. While we are unsure how to pronounce “Ukiuk”, It seemed only fitting that with the letters uk in the toy’s name twice we release him at Toycon UK :)"

"The Dark variant will be a Martian Toys exclusive limited edition of 150 where as the Light variant (edition of 200) will be general release available at fine retailers everywhere from Friday, April 13th at 10am Eastern. Wholesale inquiries for qualifying stores please email sales@martiantoys.com".