"WHAT'S IN THE BOX?" - Wetworks Sculpts Scott C.'s Depiction of characters from SE7EN

Singapore-based artisan @iamwetworks bought a copy of Scott Campbell's "The Great Showdowns" (art on Tumblr) and was inspired by one of the illustrations to depict unto 3-dimensions, to which he had chosen to scratch-build, hand sculpt and paint the characters in the infamous "THE BOX" end-scene in David Fincher's "SE7EN!

Thanks to his Instagram @iamwetworks we have snaps to share!

Featuring "Detective Mills" (played by Brad Pitt), "Detective Somerset" (played by Morgan Freeman), and "John Doe" (played by Kevin Spacey) - currently this is a one-off "fanmade" trio of figures ... would you want to purchase them as a (limited edition) production set? SEVEN is one of my Top Ten Absolute Fav Films of the modern age (for me), so this would be a hearty YES from me! Excellent Job here, Carlo!

"(I) bought this amazing book called "The Great Showdowns" by @scottlava last week and browsing through the art, I instantly became a huge fan, so I made this tribute piece and one of my all-time fav film, thank you to @scottlava for the beautiful art and guys please enjoy the pics, cheers!" (@iamwetworks)

This is not the first time Carlo Andrada Cacho AKA "Wetworks" has done sculpted fanmade depictions of pop culture illustrations and media, including Joey Sppiotto's "Aliens Next Door", and Martuka's illustration of the duo in the "San Junipero" episode of "Black Mirror", as well as ELEVEN and DUSTIN from Stranger Things!

His latest production released included the recent depiction of a local pop culture icon was Mr. Kiasu by Johnny Lau, and his Star Wars-ccentric interpretations!

And this is not the first time Scott C. has his illustrations made into "collectible toys", with "Ghostbuster"-themed (for SDCC 2017) and "Die Hard"-themed (for NYCC 2017) sculpted by George Gaspar (@doublegtoys) and produced by DKE Toys!

Featured below is the end scene for "Seven", which featues the trio of characters, and was well "reveals" what was in the box ... for folks who've not watched this film; *SPOILERS AHEAD*!