#artvsartist Vol.2 for 2018

The #artvsartist hashtag is once again hitting the www, and featured here today are a few select grids (some of whom are familiar names to this blog), with a very few known for their "toy-designs" too - which very frankly I would really like to see & feature MORE of :)

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WHAT-IS: "Art vs Artist, also known as #ArtVsArtist or #ArtvArtist, is a hashtag used online to showcase an artist’s work as well as a selfie of the artist. The template for the meme features several boxed images with a photograph of the artist at the center." (knowyourmeme.com)
The general format sees a selfie/self-image of the artist in the center of a grid-of-nine images. Some folks have decided to change-up the format. Personally I appreciate the image of the artist - not in any narcissistic quality (not for me anyways), but it sure helps in helping identifying said person(s) when you see them at (toy) conventions and art shows, ya know? But that's just me :)


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What can I say? I dig robots. 😃 #artvsartist #sketchbot #robots #mech

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The first online incarnation was circa 2016 (featured #onTOYSREVIL), with the meme revived in early-April this year (Thanks to witter user @monarobot on April 9th), and since gaining traction shortly after. And while it has only been a week, but the life-span of "meme"(s) might be "short" in this digital age, the images stay "forever" online! :)

Seen thus far are predominantly of 2D-illustrators, with a grip of 3D artists/toymakers and customisers, which I had hoped to see and feature more of, and uber-awesome if BOTH their 3D and 2D art is represented, IMHO (see my "wish list" below :p) ... but perhaps in time folks would be more robust in self-promotion (*There is absolutely no shame in controlled self-promotion, IMHO), if not at the very least in updating their own works for folks-n-fans on their own social media channels, IMHO. Me? I'll just have "fun" walking down memory lane LOL

Joining in the #artvsartist meme with this "lookback" at my past custom painted collectibles (view full albums of individual pieces on: https://www.facebook.com/TOYSREVILART) #toysrevilart TOP-ROW (left-right): - Dissected Gingerbread man originally designed by #JasonFreeny @gummifetus & made by @mightyjaxx (Status: SOLD) - #Sketchbot originally designed & produced by @stevetalkowski (Status: SOLD) - JOUWE originally designed by @marine_ramdhani & prodded by Kusovinyl x @plasticculture (Status: Available) MIDDLE-ROW (left+right): - YOKA originally from #adFunture (Status: SOLD) - SHROOM #plush originally created by #ErikScarecrow of @esctoycom (Status: Available) BOTTOM-ROW (left-right): - 7" Munny from @kidrobot (Status: Available) - DESTROYER originally designed by O_Negative & produced by @argonautresins (Status: SOLD) - 400% NIKE BE@RBRICKS (Status: Completed) #promoteyourselves (*This image is meant for a blogpost #onTOYSREVIL :p)

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Some folks I want to see #artvsartist of;