Blackbook Toy for Shanghai Toy Show 2018

Blackbook Toy is dropping a motherlode of goodness at Shanghai Toy Show 2018 (April 5-7), and here is a quick list of goodies to be had at Booth D21

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SWIPE above IG-slideshow to view images of "One Offs" by Marvel Okinawa for STS - featuring Mechanical GUY, Serial Killerzilla, Mandalazilla, Gold Shiningzilla, EVIL Freddy, EVIL DeLarge.

3 x one-offs by BlackBook Toy - features Cyborg Dog “GUYIBO” (2100 RMB each), GUY on Elm St (2100 RMB each) and Jiangshizilla (3210 RMB), as customized by BBT themselves! And while not pictured here, but also expect many mini Mousezilla one-offs for STS too...

Introducing a new (production) colorway of Ron English’s Mousezilla - with “Wonderlandzilla” inspired by the chesire cat seen in "Alice in Wonderland", featuring purple stripes all over his body with yellow eyeshadow and cheeks, making him "mysterious and adorable".

Priced at 1140 RMB at STS, note that while the standard size does not come with mini Mousezilla ... but BBT had hand painted many minis by themselves.

Kenth Toy Works customises Maevel Okinawa's GUY in 2 editions, featuring the (above shown) GUY “NIGHTMARE” (Limited 9pcs @ 1400 RMB each), and the below featured “Another World Infected” (Limited 5pcs @ 1400 RMB each). Nite that it's balaclavas are painted in different colors, so each one is unique.

The "MC Psycho Lil Alex&Dim" from Frank Kozik's "A Clockwork Carrot" series s a "variant" of the recently released (online) versions - made exclusively for STS. Priced at 980 RMB each, they feature new slit mouth and new clown eye makeup.