Collectibles for #alienday 2018 on April 26th

It's that time of the year again where you can scream in the void of wwwspace, and where no one can hear you, but it's okay, because you are a fan ... April 26th is designated "ALIEN DAY" (thanks to 20th Century Fox, not the fans, fhanks) and I would very much like to showcase the following ALIEN merch/collectibles with fans+folks - some of whom you can SCREAM and CLICK to uy, while others are just here to tease you and let you SCREAM and search for online auction listings, because I am a nice, "sharing" kinda blogger like that :)

Unleashing April 26th at 12:00 Midnight PST on is an exclusive clear green 5-inch articulated ALIEN Japanese vinyl with black paint rub. It comes packaged in a Japanese-style window box. Priced at US$65 per (Quantity unknown).

Out of all items showcased here, this looks to be the only "licensed" collectible :)

(FYI: Folks who visit the Super7 Alien webstore on Thursday 4/26 get 10% off Alien ReAction Figures, MUSCLE Figures, and other select Super7 Alien items) = Now THAT's the way to help fans celebrate "Aliens Day" LOL

And while I'd previously featured his "Chibi-Predator", I'd been saving his Chibi-Alien precisely for this feature! From Willy Kao comes this "Alien warrior Unpainted Solid Resin Kit"!

Available to purchase on Etsy for US$45 per - check out the 3.7-inch tall resin figure PAINTED up by @ta2pro & "Lando" (Pics below), and gush as the chibi-ness of the xenomorph LOL

Remember Fools Paradise's "BORN to PLAY" collectible set offered up for pre-orders in late-December 2017? (See view featured above / Read post #onTOYSREVIL). Pre-orders have since closed, while a visual update (see image below) of the massive-looking xenomorph is pretty awesome to behold, IMHO. Scheduled ship-out was "from 2nd quarter 2018".

And while the pre-orders for this RIPLEY & FLAMETHROWER resin sets by U.K.-based @whereschappell has since CLOSED/Sold Out (August 2017), here's a splendid snap of his pre-painted collectible having it out with the eggs!

Have A Happy Aliens Day, folks!

Happy #alienday #kibooki

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