Daniel Yu for Thailand Toy Expo 2018

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Here's a look at what Singapore-based resin-slinger Daniel Yu will be offering up at Thailand Toy Expo 2018 (May 3-6) via his Booth #F4 (Dazzle Zone) in Central World, Bangkok, Thailand.

- Hand-painted 11cm tall Vinyl Jiangshi Acolyte (made by Unbox Industries) in 2 versions.
- 22cm tall GID vinyl Jiangshi Acolyte in green glow-in-the-dark vinyl (made by Unbox Industries).
- Hand-painted 8cm tall Resin Jiangshi Acolyte
- Hand-painted 11cm tall Retro Jiangshi resin figure with magnetic joints.

- Hand-painted 15cm tall Vinyl Lunar Beast (made by Unbox Industries).
- 15cm tall GID vinyl Lunar Beast in orange glow-in-the-dark vinyl (made by Unbox Industries).

- Hand-painted 10cm tall Vinyl Lunar Cat (Max Toy Co x Daniel Yu collaboration).
- Hand-painted 5cm tall (resin) Lunar Cat head.

- Hand-painted 8cm tall Space Deity with magnetic interchangeable heads.
- Hand-painted 8cm tall Zuco Explorer - Limited to 1pc only.
- Hand-painted 10cm tall Octo Explorer (collaboration w/ Cacooca) - Limited to 3pcs.
- Hand-painted 8cm tall Skull Explorer (collaboration w/ Skullman) - Limited to 1pc only.
- Hand-painted 8cm tall Chompie Explorer (collaboration w/ fufufanny) - Limited to 1pc only.

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Getting some paint on these 🦁 dance heads!

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