Introducing CARBINE & DEVIL XIII by CHK DSK X Devil Toys

If you've been following The Philippines-based designer/illustrator Niel Marcelino AKA CHK DSK's Instagram (well, you should), you've not doubt seen his illustrations for the above-two featured mecha-heads, AND his tease for it to be made 1/6th from Hong Kong's Devil Toys ... and in the recent Shanghai Toy Show, the prototype of “Devil XIII” was on public display for the first time!

CHARACTER BACKSTORY: "Set in the year 2050 a “cyberpunk” theme story. The two troublemakers named “Carbine” and “Devil XIII” a human that is cybernetically enhance to become a weapon. Along with their street style approach, they are also equipped with mechanical arms and helmets that also help them enhance their skills for their respective weapons gun (Carbine) and sword (Devil XIII)."

On display at STS2018 was the full body for DEVIL XIII (with unpainted head sculpt), while CARBINE was represented with an unpainted head sculpt alone. I'd recommend you stay connected to Chk Dsk's Instagram @chk_dskand Devil Toys' @deviltoysltd ... AND of course on TOYSREVIL!

This is not Chk Dsk's first collaboration with Devil Toys, as his previous work alongside Quiccs resulted in the SHARKO & REMI vinyl figures! This however, is his first 1/6th-product line with Devil Toys, and really fits perfect with their Mecha/Android/Cyborg world of 1/6th releases, IMHO.

Meanwhile, as we await further product development and details, here are MORE images of CHK DSK's illustrations/designs for CARBINE and DEVIL!