JunkFed for C2E2 2018 (April 6-8)

JunkFed's newsletter features a schweet selection of collectibles to be made available at Booth 754 at C2E2 2018 (April 6-8), alongside Battle Babies, Man or Monster? Studio and more. Scroll thru for peeks and info, and score yourselves some goodness! (If I had my way, I'd bring home "E.T. 800" and "Hello-Kitty Imposter "Battle Cat"!)

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"Bored of Fett! Because nobody likes Boba Fett. This C2E2 edition of 20 features mind-blowingly detailed paint applications by Battle Babies and excessively refettative™ card art by myself, after Tom Jung of course."

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C2E2 marks the debut of his Mister Rogers action figure. If you can't make it to the show, Mister Rogers will also be available as an online preorder on 4/8/18. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Fred Rogers Center.
"Mister Rogers helped foster my imagination and reinforced the concept of self worth in my early years, so I felt a tribute was in order."

E.T. 800 premieres at C2E2, and is limited to 10 pieces for the show. An additional run will be available later in the year. This is awesome. GIMME!

In addition to the debut pieces, JunkFed will be bringing along his archive of goodies, including this "Hello Kitty" Imposter "Battle Cat" from MOTU FTW!