LUMISOFVI Artist Series 2 by LUMICAR to debut at Shanghai Toy Show 2018

LUMICAR from Hong Kong will be debuting g a trio of brand new LUMISOFVI designs, as well as new editions of their Konatsu, Shoko Nakazawa and T9G LUMISOFVI vehicles (Released last year).

Welcome the second series of Artists Series model cars, with Hariken's SOFTROLL and ARE as drivers, and Yoyo Yeung's YOKI THE LITTLE BAT is not left out of the race! Featured here are snaps of 2 vehicles per designer, along with a very handy price-list for these new makes, AND bundle prices! Look for them at Booth C07 @ Shanghai Toy Show 2018 (April 5-7), and I'll add as much to this post as I can when more is revealed!

"LUMISOFVI" is essentially a collaboration with select toy designers, and their mascot characters, stylized "riding" a "Lumicar", which in turn has their own dedicated USB base with LED light-up function, without the usage of batteries (Check out video featured at the bottom of this post). ToysECO will be the official agent of lumisofvi Hong Kong.