Nine for #MarchofRobots 2018

And while I'd featured a small handful of March Of Robots art earlier in the month of March, I'd not been diligent enough to do do daily features as I'd liked and wanted to share ... so instead here is a selection of artwork which I had in my folder (not all drawings are updated til the last day of March tho, FYI), and please do check out the art from the artists themselves, and have a fab weekend!

From concept artist / illustrator / sketchbook doodler Steven Wen ( comes a delicious concoction of giant robots with strong character design, that are result of both analog and digital drawing (a process which appeals to me personally), and you can view more of them - and his regular work - on Instagram @stevenwen - includes process images too, which is ALWAYS a bonus!

I like a good mecha, and Bristol UK-based concept artist Alex Thomas ( has a very schweet selection of construction-eqsue/builder mechas resplendid in monochromatic greys, that can be viewed in full on his Instagram @alexthomas87, amongst other glorious concept designs!

What I found fascinating and interesting about Russia-based Sasha Nenashev's ( drawings for #marchofrobots, are full-on comic-styled single panel illustrations complete with text, that are descriptive of the image's intent, and as well as a presentation of "robot drawings" (as the project "challenge" dictates). You might want to take your time going thru all the art on his Instagram @sashanenashev. Plus; "analog drawing" FTW

Fantasy x Robot vibe - be the art of toy designer Alex Hui Jin (@junchoooon), with a dedicated stream at Instagram @hway_not_hue to view all the individual images, some of which are featured above! Would make a extremely interesting universe, if not "toys", don't you agree?

I am utterly charmed by the drawings of J U L I A N N A, with a magical and playfulness to the designs, which you can see more of on Instagam @peanutbutterjulitime. MORE, I say! MORE!

It would be too simplistic of my to say "Simple Is Key", but the fact remains that these digital line-art illustrations by Christian Hamm (Tumblr) proved to be appealing for me, popping out from amongst the crowd, and you can check out more of his work on Instagram @artofchristianhamm.

I really enjoy these biro-sketches from Instagram @bertie_bricks, which gives off a Euro/Heavy-Metal-esque deepness, that seemed to been a indie-art past forgotten. And a extremely interesting visual counterfoil to his "regular" street art murals, which in turn provides another dimension to his art = *LIKE*

The fusion of single line-work with water-colour from Comic Artist / Illustrator Tyasseta ( stood put for me, and you too can check out more of his work on Instagram @st.fake!

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Not only does U.K.-based Richard Page of UME Toys sculpt awesome original resin collectibles (featured regularly here on TOYSREVIL), he sculpts digital robots too! Check out all his chili-robots on Instagram @richpage - with a lot of them coming with time-lapse videos too!

I am sure I've missed out on TONS of other brilliant art - which folks can view on hashtag #marchofrobots2018 or #marchofrobots (endless scrolling of visual eye-candy for the weekend!), along with folks such as Kim Hu, Felix Ip, Iain Thody, and Heriberto A Hernandez (all of whom where featured on TOYSREVIL previously), and of course the person who started this: DaCosta! at @chocolatesoop! Hope y'all had a fruitful and productive MARCH OF ROBOTS this year!