Vehicular Street Art in Singapore 2015-2018

(Above original IG)

As “small” as Singapore is, sadly I do not have the opportunity (or frankly I never “make” the opportunity myself) to view the glorious streetart/urbanart the country has to offer, and in today’s instance, I was lucky to see this “Vehicular Street Art” IN PERSON, parked in my neighbourhood lot!

Done circa 2015 - courtesy of Slacsatu & Roak (from ZINCNITECREW), and ANTZ (of RSCLS) - and now nicely seasoned and faded, thanks to the rain and heat of the Singapore sun!

Check out the image directly below of ANTZ’s work when it was first done, and the color “change” since then (image posted up top).

As interesting and intriguing too, is that “traditionally” we might not get to see “street art” literally for a much longer timeline (having it painted over not too long after completion, for most locales like walls and public facades)… “Longevity” is not exactly something you might associate with “street art” (Much less “Permanence” :p) here in SG, or any part of the world perhaps … so seeing this “3 years old art”, is a real treat, and seeing the color change, is fascinating. Weathered With Time, Spirit Still Rocks!