"Already Yesterday" Solo Show by Ken Keirns @ Stranger Factory (June 1-July 1, 2018)

Launching June 1st at Stranger Factory, is Ken Keirn's solo show "Already Yesterday", with an Opening Reception from 6-9pm. It's been a while since we have Ken's art on this blog, especially his depiction of monkeys, strong gorgeous women, and paintings on wee tv-screens!

Check out more of his art for the show on www.circusposterus.com (now launched for online previews0, and stay connected to his Instagram @kkeirnsart for more of his art!

ARTIST BIO: "Ken Keirns is a Midwestern oil painter. After spending the last decade living in Chicago and California, he recently settled in Colorado where he paints full time and looks forward to the winter. While his primary medium is oil, he also enjoys creating sculptures and mixed-media pieces. His subject matter includes female portraiture and anthropomorphic creatures interlaced with personal experiences, dreams, and the occasional bad pun. Ken's formal education is in graphic design and, while he has taken a few formal painting classes, is mostly self-taught. Ken's artwork has been acquired by collectors across the U.S., Europe and Asia, and has been featured in publications including Spectrum, Catapult, and Hi-Fructose."

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