badjujutoys' GUU The Rice Eating Yōkai (Original Color) for (timed) pre-orders starting May 19th

Jacquelyn Wong AKA badjujutoys shares with us her latest toy, prepped for pre-orders this weekend = Introducing "GUU" ~ The Rice Eating Yōkai!
"This is my first soft vinyl toy character, the rice eating yōkai - Guu. I love mythical creatures and often finds inspiration in subjects such as faeries, kaijus, and monsters, which is how I came up with this folklore yōkai design." -shares Jacquelyn.

GUU the soft vinyl character collectible stands at 10cm, and will be launched for (timed) pre-orders online via, from May 19th @ 9:00am to May 20th @ 22:00 (Malaysia time). Estimated Delivery is early-July. Price is US$85.00 per (+ shipping).

Also keep a lookout for a "Early Bird Custom" offer on her online shop!

⏰预购期间 (MYT / UTC +8)⏰ 5月19日 9:00 ~ 5月20日 22:00 ————— 来着这个周末就是食米兽的首次预购了!第一批的食米兽将由我亲自上色,有兴趣的朋友可以在这个周末透过我的网店预购。希望大家喜欢食米兽~ 若有任何疑问,欢迎随时私我 :) 玩具全高:10cm 材质:软胶 售价:85 USD :320 MYR 数量:30 估计发货期:7月上旬 网店: FB頁: —————————— ⏰Pre-Order Opens (MYT / UTC +8)⏰ 19thMay 9:00 ~ 20thMay 22:00 ————— This coming weekend is the first pre-order of the original colour Guu! For this batch, I will be painting them myself, for those who are interested, please make your order through my bigcartel store this weekend. I hope you like Guu, the rice eating yōkai~ For details and inquiries, feel free to send me a private message anytime :) Total Height: 10cm Material: Soft Vinyl Price: 85 USD : 320 MYR Quantities: 30 Est. Delivery Period: Early July Bigcartel Store: FacebookPage:

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Meanwhile, you might want to stay connected to her social media for more peeks: Instagram @badjujutoys + :)

GUU'S STORY: "Guu, is a creature that resides around rice fields and farms in close proximity to humans. The name “Guu” is inspired by the sound it makes when its stomach rumbles. Guu is known to grow bigger in size and cause trouble to others when hungry. So, people sometimes leave rice balls or rice wine around as offerings to keep them happy. It is believed that a well-fed Guu will bring blessings to those around them."

(Thanks for the headsup, Jacquelyn!)