BOOO-MA "Matte Black" Edition from INSTINCTOY for to debut at Five Points Festival (June 2-3)

Among the splendid line-up of collectibles to come from INSTINCTOY at the coming Five Points Festival 2018 (June 2-3) via Booth #623 - which you can see listed here on their blog - comes a reveal of a NEW collectible to be had: A ”MATTE BLACK” BOOO-MA!

"Booo-Ma" is INSTINCTOY's blog mascot made toy, and prior to this reveal, a 5th PINK Colorwway was scheduled to be launched at Five Points - which creator Hiroto Ohkubo had felt "looked so lonely", that he will add THIS edition to the line-up, available in "very limited number(s)". Price is US$33 per, the same as the Pink Edition. How could you buy one and not the other?

I'm hoping the Black edition will make its way to Singapore, as I am pretty much GAGGING for this colorway! How about a TOYSREVIL-logo on the red (flocked???) tee? #iWISH! ... maybe one day I'll make it 'big', so I could have that sorta pull ... ONE DAY!!!!! :)

6月2&3日の日程でニューヨークで開催されますFIVE POINTSのフロアMAP(が公式HPで公開になっております。 INSTINCTOYのBoothは【No.623】です。主催者様のご配慮により当社専用の<LOTTERY LINE専用通路>まで導線の確保を頂け、公式MAPにも記載頂いております。初日の並び順抽選につきましては5月20日に応募締切となりましたが沢山の方からのご応募を頂けました。当選発表は5月24日を予定しております。 ※ミニフィギュア&ピンバッチを含め開催日初日15時以降〜2日目の通常先着販売につきましても、お並びの列が出来た際はスタッフ指示もと<LOTTERY LINE専用通路>にお並び下さい。 皆さまのご来場を心よりお待ちしております。 The floor plan of FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL, which takes place in NY on 2nd - 3rd June, is now revealed on their official website.( The INSTINCTOY booth is 【No.623】The organizer gave us extra consideration in setting aside space specially for our customer queue. The queue route is indicated on the official floor plan. The prior lottery for the queue order on the first day closed on 20th May. We have received a lot of applications this time. The prize announcement will be made by 2100h on 24th May (Japan Time). ※As for our mini-sized mass-produced items, we will start selling them on a first come first served basis from 1500h on the first day. Please queue up in the same queue area as our lottery queue. We look forward to meeting you at the show. Thank you. 6月2日至3日於紐約舉辦的FIVE POINTS的展覽平面圖已經在官方網站公開了( INSTINCTOY的展位是【No.623】. 感謝主辦方的貼心的顧慮, 為我們準備了<抽選列隊專用道路>, 並記載在官方網站. 首日販售是中獎順位購買, 在5月20日已經截止, 我們收到了眾多的報名. 中獎順位的通知信將在5月24日寄給中獎的客戶. ※迷你公仔及別針系列的販售在首日的15點開始,到第二天結束為止。若出現排隊人潮,請客戶們照著工作人員的指示到<LOTTERY LINE專用道路>排隊.我們期待您蒞臨展覽. #FIVEPOINTS #NY #ニューヨーク #INSTINCTOY #BOOTH #MAP #LOTTERY #抽選 #LINE #通路 #DTA #DESIGNERTOYAWARS #インスティンクトイ #ブルックリン

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