CLUTTER Exclusives for Five Points Festival 2018

Clutter is rolling out their exclusives to be had at their Five Points Festival 2018 booth #223 this weekend (June 2-3), and they aaaaaaaare...

Introducing "RESTORE"! "The first time these new colorways, and designs will be available outside of Asia, we only have 10 of each release available. Due to the limited quantities be we will be running a lottery purchase for each of the following releases:"


"The NEO JAPAN , IRON MEAT, and COLLECTISTER are priced at $100 a piece and the OSAKA ANARCHY is $150. 5 of each figure will be released on Saturday, and Sunday, both via a lottery system. Tickets will be available from 10am until 1pm and the lottery draw will take place at 2pm on both days."

Introducing the Clutter Exclusive "Mister Self Indulgence: Berry Pink Edition" by Nouar is limited to 100pcs (50 of which will be available at Five Points). Produced by Martian Toys, it would be priced at US$150 per.

The "Venus Penetrator Vinyl" Figure by American Gross is a 15” tall collectible produced in a blue GID milky vinyl. Limited to just 25 pieces and priced at US$150 per, available exclusively at Clutter booth #223.

Kikkake Toys are back with 3 new exclusive new A.I. (Adult Intelligence) figures! “DAFFY the MAN” (Black) Limited to 4 pieces, ”Party Girl” limited to 1, and the Awesome ”Miranda” - Wonder who this is based on ;), Limited to 5 pieces! Figure measures 27cm tall, and is priced at US$200.
“This is neither "KAIJU" nor "monster". For me, "madness (Fear)" is lurking in my everyday life." - KIKKAKE Toys.

From Horrible Adorables X Kodrobot comes the "Curly Horned Dunnylope - Exclusive Designer Toy Award’s Colourway"! Limited to 200 pieces worldwide priced at US$40 apiece, with 100% of the profits go directly to the production cost of the DTAs.

KR has recently released this 5-inch tall Dunny, and this'll be the 3rd colorway edition.

PRESS: "UK Street artist and toy designer Czee has pulled out the stops with 3 exclusive custom runs for Five Points Fest ahead of his gallery show opening June 9th.

Limited to 5 pieces, is the Resin Tears Teal Edition Munny, priced at $85. These hole-arted Munny cans won’t be around long.
One for all the crazy cat lovers is the Mini Grafkitti, priced at $50 these rusty oxidising painted kitties are waiting for you to take them home. Limited run of 10.

Finally, the Double Choc Happy Dappy Cookies, priced $65, look good enough to eat and cute enough to take home. Limited to 10 pieces."

"Zipper Rabbit" by Eliose Kim will be limited to 4 pieces in the blue standing design ($170 apiece / above), and 2 in the pink seated ($200 apiece / below).