Custom-Feature: "TIE DUNNY II" by Jan Calleja

The Philippines-based toy customiser Jan Calleja showcases his latest "Star Wars"-themed piece, titled "TIE DUNNY II" - featuring a custom 8-inch tall Kidrobot Dunny with Baby Teq63 pilot! Featured here are some select snaps, and as well scroll thru for a little story behind this commissioned custom!

With most of his pieces being commissioned work, Jan is as well pretty particular/cautious about multiple copies of his own work, or pieces with similar themes - as these pieces would more likely be one-of-a-kind customs made for the commissioner (THAT's how honourable he is an artist, IMHO!).

"I (had) asked the first client (the I'd done did a TIE Dunny for) if it was ok to have another one. He said yes. I never imagined I could detail this as well ha ha ha so he said "no fair"!" - shared Jan Calleja, "...but I offered him to bring his TIE Dunny in so the I could work on it more."

Jan has since asked THIS particular new owner of the TIE DUNNY (who values "uniqueness") if he could reproduce similar themed custom for other commissions, BUT with other colors ... No reply as yet (at time of this post)... So I probably can't really tell YOU folks to hit Jan up for similar customs, now can I? *cough*

Jan Calleja will be heading to Singapore for a solo show and workshops in June, and perfect for bringing in your commissions! ... BUT only if he could finish them on time! 3 more weeks to go, folks, before "SEEING BEING"!