#FivePointsFest Exclusives from Strangecat Toys!

Strangecat Toys is getting all prepped with the exclusiveness to be had at their booth #423 for Five Points Festival 2018 (June 2-3) - featuring the following goodness:

Bloofus & Rudy Exclusive from Mooncasket & ToyZeroPlus
Limited to 10 pcs, the price is TBA but should be around US$100 each.

Foxy In Kawaii Caramel Delight from Wetworks (FEATURED)
Limited to only 5pcs, each priced at US$100!

Feathered Fox Customs
Luna "Green Thumb" US$150 / Dunny "Fracture" US$85 / Munny "Huntress" US$175.

si batu Blue and Clear from Kong Andri
This U.S. release is limited to 3pcs each, priced at US$65 per.

Stardust Unicornos by Kendra Customs are limited to 1pc each @ US$100 per.

Astro Crash OG Resin by Josh Divine
Casted and Painted in the U.S., limited to 25pcs each priced at US$125.
Josh will be booth #423 on Sunday from 1pm-2pm for a signing.

JC Rivera will be booth #423 on Saturday 2pm-3pm for a signing
and a possible limited edition print run. Strangecat Toy will also
bring a handful of his Dead Bear Champ colorway.

Exclusive 12" Black Skull Flower by Tara McPherson and ToyQube!
Limited to 50 units, ONLY 16pcs will be released at FivePoints
and the rest will go online at 6pm Saturday strangecattoys.com!

Tara McPherson herself will be at the Strangecat Toys Booth #423 for a signing (1-2pm).

Beard Oils - Oatmeal Stout blend by the folks at Five Points.
Limited to 50 Bottles, each priced at US$12.


- The LAST 10 x Half A Nice Day Spooky Editions will be made available.

I'd also recommend you folks to stay connected to Instagram @strangecattoys for any and all further updates! Schweet line-up, Cory!