"Flora & Fauna" by Otto Björnik @ Stranger Factory (May 4-27) & "Bai Lan the Unyielding" Stranger Factory edition

Flora & Fauna - A Solo exhibition of new works by Otto Björnik opens May 4th (Opening reception 6-9pm) @ Stranger Factory, and exhibits thru May 27th 2018. And while I'd previously featured his Bai Lan the Unyielding-release, this post instead takes a look at the show itself, and what it will offer.

EVENT PRESS: "Artist and toy designer Otto Björnik will be exhibiting a new series of hand-made toys and graphite drawings. His clean, minimalist style celebrates the curiosity of youth with a rich narrative that integrates his love of design and human connection through its many cultures and the unifying emotional states we all share."

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"I am more than an illustrator. I am a storyteller. My tales are a rich mixture of precious childhood memories and fairy tales. I weave together lines to celebrate the beauty and elegance of nature and human form. And sprinkled within that tapestry are touches of whimsy that bring to mind the wonderment of childhood and play. It is my way of rekindling youth with a wink and infinite mirth.

An architect by training, I create works in pen and ink that are filled with intricate detail and influenced by stringent rules of design. The elements I choose often hold symbolic meaning, and I take care to piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle to tell an overall story.”
- shared Otto Björnik.

#toynews: "Bai Lan the Unyielding" #StrangerFactory edition from #OttoBjörnik is scheduled to release May 18th on circusposterus.com #resintoy STORY: "Bai Chu’s army has infiltrated and overwhelmed the land. Despite his small stature, he remains a brilliant strategist and commander, and he has created an unstoppable force. The people live in fear, wondering when they will hear the ominous sounds of marching boots and clanking armor. Day after day, reports come of Bai Chu’s forces descending upon their unsuspecting villages, draining fruits dry and wreaking havoc among their communities. Upon hearing this distressing news, Bai Lan, the normally docile priestess and shaman, has decided to venture out of her temple to stop Bai Chu. Bai Chu and Bai Lan were once childhood sweethearts, and she knew him before he became a power-hungry general, before he ran into the vengeful Diwata who gave him his current diminutive form. A scholarly pacifist, Bai Lan believes in balance and harmony as taught in her temple. She communes with the spirits and with Mother Nature to sense disturbances in Her equilibrium. Bai Lan, gifted with a sharp intellect and a keen sense of intuition, is an excellent tracker. Her years of study and research make her a naturally skilled investigator. Day by day she makes her way closer to Bai Chu, tracking his movements, figuring out his next move. Upon finding a ravaged field whose crop of blood oranges have been turned into withered husks, Bai Lan picks one up and devises a plan. When they finally meet, will Bai Chu recognize his childhood sweetheart? Or will he see his worst enemy yet?"

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As a compendium to the gallery show, the "Stranger Factory" edition of Björnik's "Bai Lan the Unyielding" is scheduled for a release Friday May 18th at 12 Noon PST at Stranger Factory gallery and online at www.circusposterus.com.

This 5" tall pre-painted resin is in an edition of 30pcs, and comes boxed with Certificate of Authenticity (signed and numbered). Price is US$125 each.

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