HALU by JPX x COARSE x ejeab

UPDATED: Online International availability begins May 12th @ 21.00hrs (9pm Thai time) on JPTOYS Facebook.

Price is 5100 baht per set (approx. US$160 / Price does not include shipping cost + PayPal fee is NOT included). Only 30 sets will be made available. (Source).

One "intriguing" release at last week's Thailand Toy Expo 2018 was "HALU" = a JPX x COARSE x ejeab collectible - since Sold Out at the event.

As part of coarse's "Animal Parade", "Halu / เหี้ย" was made in collaboration with Thailand’s famous social critic and webpage called ejeab (อีเจี๊ยบเลียบด่วน).

Made available in two sizes: 7” and 3.5”, there was even a PINK edition, which was available randomly placed blind-box style. Here are some swell pics found on IG:

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"Whenever he is hungry,
he is in an angry mood.
When Halu comes to town,
then everything is food.

He eats cars and he eats ejeab,
he will even eat shampoo.
and if you do not feed him,
he might be eating you!"

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