Have Yourselves a PassionBuddy & A Bite of AlieNut Courtesy of TOY GEN!

Today we feature a couple of new collectibles from Hong Kong-based toy-makers "Toy Gen 童真社", featuring the character toy designs of Alvin Fung and Eddie Cheng on "PassionBuddy" and "AlieNut" (respectively)! Scroll down for further product story&details, and off you like what you see here, you can now purchase them online via www.boomtoysltd.com, or go bug your fav retailer(s) for availability!

The design concept of PASSIONBUDDY comes from dog owners who are enslaved by pets! Designer Alvin Fung has created an adorable character being bitten in the head by his pet dog, but still going about his daily life!
STORY: "“Austin" loves his pet dog “Pow", but “Pow" think he is the owner, often bullied Austin. One dog and One boy every day live a noisy life!"

Standing 140mm (approx. 5.5 inches) tall, 30pcs of this colorway had been produced by Toy Gen, each priced at US$46.00 (shipping cost not included). Keep a lookout for a GLOW in the DARK version for a future release!

The design concept of "ALIENUT" comes from "an attractive donut". Designer Eddie Cheng also mentions; "The appearance of change is not only image, in fact, will there be alien creatures like it?"
(EDITED) STORY: "Alien-life plans to immigrate to Earth and (lives as) a parasite in a donut, (where) they can enter the human body (when being eaten). They want to control (the) opinionated earthly people. Where exactly does he come from? And how many people on earth have been controlled by them?"

Sized 100mm (approx. 4 inches) tall, this yummy-looking alien vinyl toy is priced at US$46.00 (price does not include shipping), with currently THREE editions produced: COLOR VERSION (30pcs only), BLACK VERSION TAIWAN EXCLUSIVE (15pcs) and GID/Glow-in-the-Dark (15pcs only). Look out for a PINK Version edition release in the future ... if humanity survives that ong! Who doesn't love eating "donuts"? LOL

Hey, I am "diabetic" and even I want to OWN all three editions LOL

(EDITED) WHO-ARE: Toy Gen 童真社 is made up of two designers who lead the game, who are themselves players who collect toys of all types. After having enjoyed different designer toys, they felt it was better to think about designing something, and hence started the creation of their own brand.
"Each has its own favorite type of toy, and the design ideas will not be the same. Conceiving eccentric, interesting, cute and fantasy themes, like our Chinese brand name, we must also remember innocence. We hope that players will be satisfied with the quality of our products and that we want to do!"

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(Launched at Shanghai Toy Show)